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Laser Marketing Machines


Traceabilityor product assembly begins with part marking, and by choosing laser marking technology allows manufacturers to automate marking operations and ensure a high level of control over the production lines. The beam quality, compact design and maintenance-free operation. Designed for a wide range of applications and fit most marking requirements. Integrated vision option consists in positioning a high-resolution camera in the laser marking head, in order to read standard 2D codes (QR-Code, Data matrix). Laser marking and reading of the 2D codes can be performed on all types of materials and difficult surface conditions.
Laser marking Solutions offered in different industries.

      • Electronic Industry:
      Our Laser Marking Applications includes incell phones, computer mouse, computer monitors, TV remote controls, tablets, MP3 players, Chromecast components, A/C control units, circuit breakers, printed circuit boards, shavers, hair dryers, power supplies, printer cartridges, key fobs, hearing aids, bar codes, 2D Data matrix codes.
      • Automotive:
      VIN tags, radio buttons, control panels, mirrors, fuel Injectors, airbag components, pressure sensors, solenoids, ABS components, exhaust components, switches, EGR valves, key fobs, relays, fuse panels, data tags, connectors, fittings, high performance racing components, bar codes, 2D data matrix codes, labels.

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