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Cartesian Robots


An automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in two or more axes, which can be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications. Robots can be built as per the axis’s requirements. Can operate in the speed of up to 2 meter per second with a payload capacity of 150KG. Our Cartesian robots overlap SCARA and 6-axis (articulated) robots in some technical specifications and can be applied in some of the same applications, but Cartesian robots have several benefits over SCARA and 6-axis types. First, Cartesian designs provide a rectangular work envelope in which a significant percentage of the robot’s footprint is used as active work area. SCARA and 6-axis types, on the other hand, have circular or oval work envelopes that often result in a lot of dead (unused) space, especially when the required travel, or reach, is very long.

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